Quality Assurance

Tanfield Engineering Systems prides itself on setting the highest standards of quality, through our philosophy of continuous improvement.

ISO 9000
We operate a Company Quality Management System which is accredited through the ISO 9000 series.

Six Sigma
We have staff trained to Black Belt level in the Six Sigma system, one of the most stringent quality management standards in the world. This gives us the technical expertise and capability to implement this highly regarded quality programme for any of our clients.

Continuous Improvement
We have completed a two-year business improvement project through the Lean Manufacturing philosophy, in partnership with the North East Productivity Alliance. This has helped to drive down our costs - a saving that we pass onto our clients.

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Single Source Solutions

One-Stop-Shop Engineering

Our skill base and technology make Tanfield Engineering Systems Ltd a superb one-stop-shop engineering company. We offer clear advantages in:

Efficiency by using cellular manufacturing techniques
Convenience by utilising our supply chain expertise
Cost effectiveness by providing a single source solution

By outsourcing your organisation's engineering requirements and using our supply chain expertise and engineering excellence, you can free up valuable time and resource in-house.


Technical Accuracy & Reliability

Our combined facilities, spread over more than 250,000sq ft of same site manufacturing space, can now offer single source solutions for an extensive range of engineered products. Our unique capabilities have gained the company a reputation for technical accuracy and reliability all over the world.

Visit our facility to see how your organisation can free up time by using our supply chain expertise and engineering excellence.


Cellular Manufacturing

Manufacturing Efficiency - a crucial part in our single source solution.

Manufacturing efficiency plays a crucial part in our single source solution.

In order to produce engineered products of the highest quality, Tanfield Engineering Systems has introduced a cellular manufacturing process.

This process ensures we track efficiencies by project and product type, as well as efficiencies from cell to cell.

By adopting a cellular process, the manufacturing process becomes flexible without loosing sight of the jobs progress.

Efficient manufacturing processes save time and money, all elements that Tanfield Engineering Systems pass onto our customers.


Systems Integration

Tanfield Engineering Systems - a centre of manufacturing excellence

Tanfield Engineering Systems is a centre of manufacturing excellence, based on continued investment into the latest technology.

We fabricate, weld and machine assemblies and components utilizing our extensive range of engineering equipment.

We complete assemblies that require the installation of hydraulics, pneumatics, electrics and electronics to specified requirements.

The projects we handle vary from small fabricated parts to major complete sub-assemblies ready for installation onto vehicles, such as the Challenger Tank.